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Nick Allen

Nick Allen

Nick graduated Virginia Tech with a B.S. in Mathematics in 2001. He is now a consulting actuary for Mercer Human Resource Consulting in Richmond, VA. He works in the Health & Benefits practice creating innovative solutions for large employers facing strategic healthcare decisions. He is active in the pursuit of Fellowship in the Society of Actuaries.

As a consulting actuary for Mercer Human Resource Consulting, as well as creating innovative Healthcare solutions, Nick Also consults concerning actuarial impact of major marketplace changes, such as the Medicare Prescription Drug, Improvement, and Modernization Act of 2003. His other day-to-day responsibilities include pricing, reserving, actuarial model development, and postretirement medical and life valuation. Typical client contacts are VP's of Human Resources, CEO's, CFO's, or Directors of Benefits.

As a freshman, Nick's intention was to teach middle and high school mathematics, but he continued to pursue other mathematical possibilities. This search led him to summer internships at The Hartford Insurance Group in 1999, and at Mercer in 2000, where he accepted a permanent position in 2001.

Nick says that his Math degree provided the foundation for passing the first four actuarial exams, and equally importantly, for understanding the context of problem solving and assumption setting that he constantly sees in his daily operations. He also cites mathematics and statistics for commonly used techniques such as linear and exponential regression, loss development, and multivariable analysis. Nick travels frequently recruiting prospective employees and encouraging young people in actuarial careers. Nick is also a member of the Professionalism Leadership Team, at Mercer; a committee responsible for supporting the professional growth of their staff and assisting in the maintenance of professional conduct in the office.