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Darwin Herdman

Darwin Herdman

Darwin is in charge of strategic development of intellectual property for Red Siren, the worlds largest privately managed security services company. He serves to commercialize and deploy ongoing information security research within Red Siren's customer base.

Darwin's extensive experience and lessons learned in the field of information security have played a critical role in the development of Red Siren's operations staff and managed security service offering. Darwin works at the forefront of security research to bring the latest advances to Red Siren's Vigilance family of technologies. Prior to joining Red Siren, he cofounded Veritect and managed Veridian Corporation's Applied Technology organization. Darwin has a BS in mathematics and also has earned a Master's Degree in Interdisciplinary Applied Mathematics during his employment. Moreover, Darwin was a varsity football player, and he was named the senior MVP of the 1990 Virginia Tech team. He credits his football experience in enhancing his education and development towards his professional goals, especially in terms of performing under the stress of, "Walking into Lane Stadium with 50,000 plus fans."

Upon his graduation, Darwin accepted full time employment with Veda, a company for which Darwin had served summer internships. He began as a project engineer in support of the Navy's AUS-CAN-NZ-US organization, supporting enhanced Allied/Coalition information exchange between Allied forces. After a few years, Veda became part of Veridian Corporation, a leading provider of information-based systems, and a specialist in mission-control national security programs. Darwin worked on developing technologies that allowed Allied nations to jointly participate in Coalition operations and exchange tactical information without compromising national disclosure policies. In this period, In due course, Darwin became a co-founder of Veritect Corporation, developed to focus on the commercial information security market. Veritect soon released the Vigilance enterprise security management systems, and now supports over two hundred and fifty sensors worldwide. Recently, Veritect completed a strategic merger with Red Siren Technologies, and Darwin was named a senior vice president. Red Siren is a worldwide provider of IT Security Management solutions, allowing customers to reduce and manage their business risks.

Darwin is pleased with his mathematical education with an engineering emphasis. Darwin says that, "Modern engineering and applied mathematics practice demands a high level of analytical capability, and if it were not for my education and background in the applied sciences, my ability to execute would have been limited."