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Amy Gardner Lyle

Amy Gardner Lyle

Amy graduated Virginia Tech with a B.S. in Mathematics in 2002. She now works as an earned-value analyst for Tecolote Research, a company primarily serving the US government/intelligence sector. Earned-value analysis is a program-management practice designed to forecast how well projects are staying within budget and meeting schedules.

In earned-value analysis, Amy states that she uses algebra, statistics, and computer modeling and programming on a daily basis. She works as an independent third party consultant in an Earned Value Management (EVM) subject matter expert group. They do not work directly for either a contractor or government program office, but all the acquisition programs at the government agency for which she works can obtain assistance from her group. Rather than from her theoretical mathematical coursework, Amy was hired for her problem solving and logic skills, plus her work experience from two summers as an intern at a Nuclear Engineering firm. Amy also states that she has loved math since 8th grade algebra when her math teacher perceived her mathematical talent and persuaded her to join a Math Counts competition team, which truly made math fun for her.

Amy sees her career taking her into management positions with a small team if she so desires. In that capacity she would still do the same sort of analysis tasks, but she would also have several people reporting directly to her.

In summary, Amy says, "My math degree has proved to be very valuable, and the career options are plentiful and rewarding, both mentally and financially. Employers are impressed with a B.S. in math and respect the amount of intelligence and work it takes to earn one. One should not expect to be writing proofs or designing statistical models every day, but one should expect to use all those problem-solving skills both on and off the job."