Virginia Tech Alumni Profiles

Career profiles are a valuable source of information for prospective mathematical sciences majors. The goal of the Early Career Profiles Network is to collect relevant and timely information Alumni profiles by industry sectorabout career opportunities for undergraduate mathematical sciences majors that can be broadly disseminated to high school and college students. This departmental network providing profiles of recent graduates is a straightforward and efficient way to continue the flow of timely career information needed by students, counselors, teachers, and faculty.

The American Mathematical Society has developed and administers a network of mathematical sciences departments that systematically provide job profiles of their recent bachelors-level alumni. The Early Career Profile Network is supported in part by the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation under the auspices of the Sloan Career Cornerstone Series.

Alumni and Sector
Name Industry Sector
Nick Allen Finance and insurance
Darwin Herdman Information Technology
Carrie Queen Kilareski Government
Jeff Klanderman Finance and insurance
Amy Gardner Lyle Government
Ken Massey Education
Rachel Miller Information Technology
Melissa O'Connor Finance and insurance

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