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Math 5466

Numerical Analysis

Index 14038- CS11912

Spring 2009

MWF 11:15a.m.-12:05p.m., MCB 216

Instructor: Slimane Adjerid ( (phone: 231-5945)

Office: McBryde 424

Office Hours: Tuesday and Thursday 10:00-11:30a.m.; & by appointment

Course Content:

Text: Numerical Analysis by Kincaid and Cheney, Brooks/Cole, 3rd Edition.

Grading and Evaluation Criteria: Students are expected to do reading and assignments as they are assigned. Graded work will include homework problems, one mid-term exam and a final exam. The final grade will be calculated using the following weights: mid-term and final exams 40%; homeworks 60%. Percentages of at least 90, 80, 70, 60 guarantee grades of at least A-, B-, C-, D- respectively.

Missed Work: If a student fails to take an exam or quiz or fails to hand in an assignment on time, his/her score is zero unless the reasons are beyond the student's control. It is to the student's advantage to inform the instructor of such reasons before missing the work.

Honor: Students may study together but when doing their homework, take-home or in-class exams, they must do it completely alone (without other students or other students' papers) . Students are not allowed to ask anyone for help on computer programming problems except the Instructor. I should be available outside my office hours to answer such questions. The honor code applies to all graded work in this course.

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