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Math Kangaroo Competition

What is the Math Kangaroo Competition?

The Math Kangaroo is an international mathematical competition with more than 50 countries that take an active part in it. There are twelve levels of participation: from grade 1 to grade 12. The competition is held annually on the third Thursday of March. The key competence tested by the Kangaroo is logical combination, not just pure knowledge of formulas. Because of the rising popularity of the Mathematical Kangaroo in many participating countries, it is currently the most participated scholar math competition.

How is the test graded?

There are 30 questions on the test. A correct answer scores 1 point. There is no penalty for incorrect or blank answers.

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What is the AMC 8?

The American Mathematics Competitions are a series of nationally syndicated math contests, sponsored by the Mathematical Association of America. Blacksburg Math Circle will host the AMC 8 in the fall. Blacksburg High School hosts AMC 10 & 12 in the spring.