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Henning Mortveit - Dr. Mortveit's research area is Graph Dynamical Systems. These systems are constructed from a finite graph Y where each vertex v has a state taken from a finite set and a vertex function defined over the states from the 1-neighborhood of v. The vertex functions are applied, e.g. synchronously or asynchronously to the vertex states, and thus give rise to a discrete, finite dynamical system with map F. Sequential Dynamical Systems (SDS) is the class of graph dynamical systems with an asynchronous evaluation order which is specified by a linear order or word over the vertex set of the graph Y. The structure of the resulting phase spaces are governed by the properties of the graph Y, the vertex functions, and the permutation or word specifying the composition order. The research in this area uses techniques from, e.g. abstract algebra, combinatorics and probability theory to infer phase space properties based on the structure of the system constituents. Graph dynamical systems constitute a natural framework for capturing distributed systems such as biological networks and epidemics over social networks, many of which are frequently referred to as complex systems.

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