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Students wanting to add a math major or switch to a math major can do so between February 15 and March 31, during First Summer Session, or between October 1 and the day before Thanksgiving break.

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The 2015 Fifth Annual SIAM Mid-Atlantic Regional Mathematical Student Conference and Industrial Days is March 20-21 at George Mason University. It is hosted by the SIAM student chapters of George Mason University, Virginia Tech, and Shippensburg University.

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James Turner - The abundance of complex physical responses and interactions between biological systems motivates the existence of a colorful pallet of mathematical methods and techniques. Our current research interest involves expanding existing capabilities of predictive modeling and simulation of drug delivery to the human brain and electrical activity of the heart. Both applications provide a great potential for research activities since they include a wide variety of mathematical difficulties - time dependent partial differential equations in complex domains, coupled nonlinear systems, saddle-point problems due to incompressibility constraints, and temporarily stiff systems of differential equations - that impose grand challenges to almost all attempts at numerical resolution. The Diffpack simulation shown here, illustrating the flow of electricity in the heart, is the type of visualization that we seek for all of our research projects.

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