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Peter Haskell - Professor Haskell's research area, index theory, is the study of the relationships between topology and geometry, on the one hand, and analysis. An early example is associated with the vector calculus theorems of Green and Stokes: an irrotational vector field (closed differential one-form) on a region D is guaranteed to be conservative (exact) on D only if D is simply connected (i.e., every loop in D can be contracted to a point in D). Examples of topological invariants that have analytic realizations include the winding number and the Euler characteristic. Index theory has developed from its roots in analysis on manifolds (global analysis) to include the study of singular spaces, with part of this development based on functional analytic tools such as the K-theory of algebras of linear operators on Hilbert space. Topological and analytic invariants detect twisting, like that pictured in this image generated by KnotPlot.