Virginia Tech Math Course

Math 2224 Course Homepage

 Text book: University Calculus, by J. Hass, M.D. Weir, and G.B. Thomas, 2nd Ed., ISBN: 978-1-256-08081-7

 Syllabus: Fall 2015 syllabus

  Solutions to homework assignments: Solutions are not provided by the Math Department. They will be made available to you by your instructor at his or her discretion.

  Final exam date: Wednesday, December 16, 7:00pm - 9:00pm.

Old common finals: Old Math 2224 common time final exams can be found at the Math department's Old final exams page

  Tutoring: Tutoring information is available at the Math Tutoring page. Note that tutoring at the Math Emporium is only provided in the tutoring lab. Floor help is NOT supposed to answer your Math 2224 questions.