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This is similar to init.m. Each time you change the ODE ftx or one of the associated parameters/conditions, this file must be edited, saved, and initn must be typed in the command window (or copy-and-paste at the Emporium).
ftx is the RHS of the ODE $x'=f(t,x)$.
eulerfcn is the RHS of the iterating function for Euler's method.
hvec is a vector of step sizes that Euler's method will use. If only one step size is needed, a number may be used instead of a vector.
t0, tf, x0 are the starting time, ending time, and starting place, respectively. They will generally be given with the problem.
Observe that the axis for the Figure window ( initax) is now set from the values t0, tf for t as well as x0 and an estimate for x(tf).

Michael Renardy