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This page is a collection of resources (handouts, software, helpful advice etc.) for students who are taking Math 2214. The page is meant to provide a reference to available resources; it is not meant to be a set of course notes, study guide or tutorial. The page is maintained by Michael Renardy.

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 List of suggested homework assignments.

Click here.

 Online quizzes

The quiz system in not available in the summer.

 Final exam schedule:

Common time finals are not given in the summer. Check the timetable for the final exam of your section.

 Why should I study this stuff?

Click here for a list of courses which require either 2214 or more advanced differential equations courses such as 4544 and 4564 as a prerequisite.


Tutoring is available at the Math Emporium. Check the Emporium web page for details. Note that the tutoring lab is not the same as floor help. See also this web site for additional information on tutoring.

  Recent common time finals in PDF format:

  Matlab resources for Math 2214.

 Useful Mathematica files.

This link gives access to a few Mathematica notebooks which explain how to use Mathematica for solving differential equations. For example, direction fields, DSolve, numerical solutions etc.

 Other supplements.

Provides links to other course supplements, e.g. handouts covering material that is useful in the course but not covered in the text.

 Web pages for individual sections during Summer 2018: