Math 2015 Announcements / Assignments

Friday, September 12

Two Announcements
  • Lab Quiz 1 MUST be taken by tonight at midnight.
  • The quiz over Lab 2 is due on Friday, September 19 and will be available Saturday morning, September 13 on Scholar.

Friday, September 5

  • Lab 1 Quiz is due on Friday, September 12, by midnight and is available for all on Scholar in Tests and Quizzes.
  • Lab 2 is available from the Labs page of the homepage.

Tuesday, September 2, Week 2

  • The homework problems for this week are listed on your syllabus.
    The numerical worksheet for Lesson 3 is below and available under the NotesPacket file.
    Numerical Integration Worksheet

    ***You should work all integration problems from now on (until we get to the Integration rules) using the Trapezoidal or Simpson's Rules (whichever gives the best results).
    Your answers may be different from the answers at the back of the book. However they should be close.***

  • All the problems may be collected in your first class next week.
    Homework must be neat and work must be shown for each problem.
    Your name should be at the top left of each page.
    All pages should be stapled together.

  • Lab 1 is available from the Labs page of the homepage. You have until September 12 to complete this lab.

For Fall Semester 2014

Welcome to Math 2015
  • Take the time to become familiar with this website.
  • You should check this site after each class.
    All announcements and assignments will be posted on this page.
  • You will need to purchase the text:
    Applied Calculus, Custom Edition for Virginia Tech, Fourth Edition, by Hughes-Hallett, Gleason, Lock, Flath, et. al.
  • The Math 2015 Course Notes Packet. will be available for download from the Math 2015 Homepage throughout the semester.

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