Math 1226 Basic Skills Review (Spring 2018)

The Department of Mathematics encourages each student enrolled in Math 1226 to take, at the beginning of the term, an online Basic Skills Review covering very basic concepts from Math 1225.

Practice problems will be available to students enrolled in Math 1226. To access practice problems click on the "Practice for Basic Skills Review" button in the menu on the left. Once you are logged in, choose the section "Math 1226 (Calculus of a Single Variable)(CRN)" and then choose the Available Unit "Practice -- Math 1226 Basic Skills (401)". The practice Basic Skills problems are constructed identically to the actual Basic Skills Review problems.

NOTE: The online Basic Skills Review questions do not include a "+C" on indefinite integral answers. Consult your instructor if you have questions regarding expectations on written assignments.

The actual Math 1226 Basic Skills Review will become available to all students enrolled in Math 1226 on the first day of the semester (Monday, January 15) by clicking on "Start Basics Skills Review" on the left. The deadline for successfully completing the Basic Skills Review is at midnight on Thursday, January 25.

Some details regarding the review and the departmental policy follow:

  • The primary goal of the Math 1226 Basic Skills Review is to get the students quickly and purposefully active in doing mathematics they have already seen in Math 1225 (or equivalent course), though they may have forgotten some of the material over summer/holiday breaks. The review will require a quick and timely reminder of those basic skills from Math 1225 (or equivalent course) that are essential for success in Math 1226.

  • The Math 1226 Basic Skills Review is comprised of 6 multiple-choice questions covering differentiation (product rule, quotient rule, trig functions, chain rule) and basic integration, including u-substitution. A score of at least 5 correct is passing.

  • A student may make six total attempts at the on-the-record Basic Skills Review. There is no restriction on the number of reviews that can be attempted in one day.

  • Students in Math 1226 are urged to take the Math 1226 Basic Skills Review during the first few days of classes so that they will have maximum flexibility in making course schedule adjustments should that become necessary. Not passing the Basic Skills Review may indicate that a student is better suited to take Math 1225 this semester; please consult your instructor or advisor if you do not pass the Basic Skills Review.

  • Students receive immediate results upon submitting the Math 1226 Basic Skills Review for grading. Hints are provided for each problem when the graded review is returned to the student. All past reviews are available to the student at any time.

  • Daily updates of student pass/fail status are available to instructors of all Math 1226 sections.

  • The practice Math 1226 Basic Skills Review problems are constructed identically to the actual review problems, are accessible from anywhere, and are independent of the platform. (The Basic Skills Review does not need to be taken at the Math Emporium.)

If you have any questions, please contact Evgeny Savel'ev at