Final Exam

The Math 1226 Final Exam will be given on Monday, December 18th at 1:05 PM.
Common-time exams are inflexible. If there is a conflict with the final in another class that does not have a common-time final, you will be expected to change the other one.

Consult the table below to find which room is assigned to your class:

Final Exam Rooms Assignment
Sarah Barreto85401Lavery 340
Andrea Carracedo85389NCB 210
Alexander Grimm85399Lavery 345
Sarah Kadelka85400NCB 270
Daniel Kim85394Lavery 320
Justin Krueger85390Surge 104D
Justin Krueger85397Surge 104D
Cristina Letona85388Surge 104A
Cristina Letona85402Surge 104A
Ryan Nikin-Beers85398Lavery 335
Erika Rappold85393Goodwin 190
Erika Rappold85396Goodwin 190
Erika Rappold85403Goodwin 190
Rachel Rupnow85391Lavery 350
Amanda Welch85392NCB 250
Camron Withrow85395NCB 230


Students with extra-time accommodations or verified scheduled course conflicts must present documentation to their instructor.