Web Quiz 15

Web Quiz 15 is due on Tuesday, October 23rd at 11:59 PM. It covers material from Section 4.2 in the textbook.

Upcoming WebAssign Quizzes

Web Quiz 15Tue, Oct 23rd4.2
Web Quiz 16Fri, Oct 26th4.3
Web Quiz 17Tue, Oct 30thMin/Max Problems
Web Quiz 18Fri, Nov 2nd4.7
Web Quiz 19Tue, Nov 6th4.9
Web Quiz 20Fri, Nov 9th5.1
Cumulative Assessment 3Sat, Nov 10thChapter 4
Web Quiz 21Tue, Nov 13th5.2
Web Quiz 22Fri, Nov 16th5.3
Web Quiz 23Tue, Nov 27th5.4
Web Quiz 24Fri, Nov 30th5.5
Cumulative Assessment 4Mon, Dec 3rdChapter 5
All quizzes are due at 11:59 PM.

Working With WebAssign

  • Canvas and WebAssign are integrated. The first time you access a WebAssign assingment, you should do so using Canvas's assignment tool.
  • Do not purchase WebAssign or the textbook through WebAssign's website. The university bookstore has negotiated a better price.
  • If you are having trouble accessing WebAssign, then please consult the WebAssign Frequently Asked Questions page: WebAssign FAQ
  • If you already purchased the 7th edition of the Stewart textbook for 1225 during a previous semester at Virginia Tech, you do NOT have to buy the new edition and can use your current WebAssign account. Contact your instructor about getting your account updated to the new edition. and access assignments with 8th edition WebAssign problems. Until your account is updated, access the textbook and assignments using the WebAssign trial period.
  • WebAssign Quizzes allow three attempts, while Cumulative Assessments allow only one attempt. You are graded question-by-question, with the best score on each question from either attempt being used. Questions are graded separately, but parts of a question are graded together. If you want to get full credit on a multi-part question, you must get all parts correct in the same submission.
  • Be aware of the time. WebAssign will log you out and not tell you after some time. This will result in your answers just vanishing. Save you answers often to prevent this.
  • After the due date of a homework assignment, you can click on the assignment link to access the "Practice another Version" and the "Solution" features of the system. In particular full detailed solutions are available for each problem after the due date for you to study.
  • Working with WebAssign can be tricky. Here are some tips:
    • Be careful with your parentheses. Make sure they match. Make sure that you are providing parentheses when they are needed, and not putting them when they are provided.
    • Be careful with capitals. WebAssign treats C and c differently. This includes Greek letters. Use the lower-case pi. It is curved.
    • Be careful with functions. If you enter a trig function by typing (rather than using the menu) make sure to include parentheses. Don't use the function "e" if you mean the constant.
    • Don't use mixed numbers. If you enter a mixed number like 5 2/3, WebAssign will interpret this as multiplication producing 10/3 rather than the 17/3 you intended.
    • If you answer still has a box in it, WebAssign won't be able to understand it and you will be marked incorrect.
    • Remember not to round if the question doesn't tell you to. Most answers should be exact. Even if your final answer is going to be rounded, use the exact numbers until the end.