Math 1225 Test Locations

Test 2 will be given on Wednesday, March 14th from 7:00 PM until 8:00 PM in the following locations. These locations may be different from where you attend class.

InstructorExam Room
Gamble, StephanieTorg 3100
Green, JenniferTorg 3100
Hasanyan, JalilMcB 113
Kerrigan, SarahTorg 3100
Silber, StevenMcB 100
Thompson, JessicaMcB 100
Tran, VanthuMcB 100
Zhuang, QiaoMcB 113


Students with extra-time accommodations or verified scheduled course conflicts must present documentation to their instructor by Friday, March 9th. These students should report to the following rooms at the following times.

SituationExam RoomTime
Extra TimeMcBryde 2187:00 PM
Schedule ConflictMcBryde 3288:30 PM