Review Materials

On-line Trigonometry Review
These units on Trigonometry come from the Math 1014 on-line materials and provide a detailed review of the trigonometry necessary for Math 1225.

Review of Algebra
The Math 1014 on-line materials provide a good review of algebra.


MATLAB is required for this course and can be purchased from The Software Distribution Office. The Software Distribution Office is located in 3240 Torgersen Hall. See Student Software Distribution for more information. Engineering students will have MATLAB in their software bundle. All other majors can purchase MATLAB. It will be about $27 for the MATLAB license which will be valid for as long as you are enrolled at VT. You will have access to annual updates at no extra charge. Computers in the following locations have MATLAB installed.
  • Math Emporium
  • Torgersen 1010, 1080, 3250
  • Randolph 114E
  • Arch Annex 1
  • Saunders 101
  • Newman Library Public Computers (during library hours)
  • Litton-Reaves 1370