Math 1206 Sections (Computer-based testing)

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University Calculus (Custom Edition for Virginia Tech) by Hass, Weir & Thomas


The recommended prerequisite for this class is Math 1205. A student with credit for Math 1225 should probably take Math 1226. If you have credit for Math 1225, please contact your instructor to determine the appropriate calculus course.

Course Contents

The course will follow the 1206c syllabus. The main topic covered is integral calculus.

Office Hours

For individual instructor's office hours see instructors' web pages.

Check Getting Help for 1206 page for more information on how to get help.


There will be seven tests given during proctored testing hours at the Math Emporium.

The first test is a pass/fail "gateway" on material from the previous course and must be passed to pass the course. It will be available on Tuesday, January 20, and can be taken up to six times during testing hours. See Basic Skills Test for more information.

The remaining six tests are taken roughly every two weeks. Each test opens for credit on the Wednesday of the week before the deadline and is available until Friday of the full test week.  Each test may be taken for credit a maximum of three times, and the highest score is used for the grade. You will be issued three electronic tickets. The tickets will expire gradually; one will expire on Wednesday, the second one on Thursday, and the last one on Friday of the test week. On the final day of testing, the test may be taken only once and must be started by 2:00 pm.
Practice tests and individual practice problems are available for every test. See Using Computer Tests page.

Test dates are:

Test availability dates
TestStart dateDeadline
Test 1:Wed, Feb 4Fri, Feb 13
Test 2:Wed, Feb 18Fri, Feb 27
Test 3:Wed, Mar 4Fri, Mar 20
Test 4:Wed, Mar 25Fri, Apr 3
Test 5:Wed, Apr 8Fri, Apr 17
Test 6:Wed, Apr 22Fri, May 1

See the Math Emporium Course Information page for rules and hours for taking proctored tests.

IMPORTANT: In the event of inclement weather, should the university close, the testing schedule dates will NOT be adjusted. Exceptions will be made only if the closure is on the last day of the testing cycle.

Test Make-up Policy

Close to the end of the semester (April 6th - April 24th) every student will have an opportunity to take a maximum of 2 replacement tests. The grade on each of these tests will replace any grade previously achieved even if the prior grade was higher than the replacement grade. Contact your instructor to request a ticket for a test make-up. All make-up testing for Math 1206c will end on April 24th @ 2:30 PM.

Final Exam

There will be a multiple choice common final exam on Friday, May 8th at 4:25 PM. (Rooms will be posted on the Announcements page.) The final exam counts 16% of the grade. The final exam is a required class meeting that will not be rescheduled for discretionary reasons, including conflicts with work schedules and with classes and exams at other colleges.

Warning: Common-time exams are inflexible. If there is a conflict with the final in another class that does not have a common-time final, you will be expected to change the other one.


Homework on the syllabus is for the benefit of the student: it shows what the student is expected to be able to do, and provides an opportunity to practice. These homework problems can be gone over with the instructor during office hours; with tutors in the Math Emporium; and, when time permits, after class.

Some teachers may assign different homework problems.


Student calculators are not allowed on tests or the exam. Instead all mathematical computations on Exams must be made on the Emporium computers using the Apple scientific calculator on the computer. Go to the Emporium well before the Exams and make certain you know how to work with the calculator. There is a link to the Computer Calculator Instructions on the course homepage. During the Exam, Emporium proctors are not permitted to assist you, even if your only problem is difficulty in calculating with the calculator. This software is not available for installation on your own computers.

Honor System

The Virginia Tech Honor Code applies to all graded work in this course. Students are responsible for understanding and adhering to the Honor Code. Among other things the Honor Code prohibits giving or receiving unauthorized aid, assistance, or unfair advantage on academic work, and it prohibits plagiarism. Under the Honor Code it is the responsibility of each student to consult with his/her teacher, if necessary, to ensure that the student understands exactly how the Honor Code applies to each piece of graded work.

Attendance and Communication

Class attendance will be taken daily and kept for Mathematics Department records. Students are responsible for course materials and announcements covered in class. Students are also responsible for information delivered via Scholar or email.


The course grade will be calculated according the the grading scale below.

Grading Scale
Test or AssignmentGrade
Test 1:12%
Test 2:12%
Test 3:12%
Test 4:12%
Test 5:12%
Test 6:12%
Final Exam:16%
Instructor's Discretion:12%

No extra credit work will be given. Collection of homework is up to the individual instructor.

Accommodations and Special Arrangements

If you need adaptations or accommodations because of a documented disability, if you have emergency medical information that you need to share, or if you need special arrangements in case the building must be evacuated, please make an appointment with your instructor as soon as possible.