Math 1205 Tests

Math 1205 Final Exam (11:05pm, 12 May 2014)

Final Exam Study Material

Disclaimer: The following past tests are meant to be study 'aids'. They are by no means a direct reflection of what will appear on the final exam. Due to syllabus changes, some of the topics may differ slightly for this term. The final exam IS cumulative.

Exam Schedule

There will be 3 common-time exams which are scheduled for:

  1. 7-8pm, 19 February 2014
  2. 7-8pm, 2 April 2014
  3. 7-8pm, 30 April 2014

The final exam will be Monday, 12 May, 11:05am – 1:05pm.

Calculators will NOT be allowed on any exam.

Typically, the exam will not be given in the same room as your lecture class.

You must take tests on the specified date. If you have a Virginia Tech class that meets at the time scheduled for an exam, an alternative starting time for the exam on the same evening will be provided. No makeup tests will be given. If it is to your benefit, your grade on the final exam will replace your lowest test grade.

The final exam is a required class meeting that will not be rescheduled for discretionary reasons, including conflicts with work schedules, conflicts with classes and exams at other colleges, and travel plans.