Honor System Policy

The rules of the Virginia Tech Honor System are in effect in this class and applies to all graded work. Specifically, the inclusion in an assignment of work (from any source) done by someone whose name does not appear on the assignment or the inclusion of a reproduction (by any means) of such work is a violation of the Honor Code unless this inclusion is accompanied by a full citation identifying the source and this inclusion is used in a way explicitly authorized by the teacher.

You are responsible for understanding and adhering to the Honor Code. Generally, the Honor Code prohibits giving or receiving unauthorized aid, assistance, or unfair advantage on academic work, and it prohibits plagiarism.

You may not copy someone else's work.

You are expected to pledge on online quizzes, all tests and the final exam that the work is your own.

You are permitted to use a calculator on online quizzes.

You are NOT permitted to use a calculator on tests.

Calculator use on homework and in-class work may or may not be permitted at the discretion of your instructor.

You are not permitted to receive help from others or refer to your notes or other materials during online quizzes. That is, they are 'closed-book.'

You are encouraged to seek help from any available resource on homework assignments, but you must do your own write-up as an independent, solitary effort.