Course Information: Math 1205 Calculus

Spring 2014


University Calculus, 2nd Edition, Haas-Weir-Thomas


You must have one of the following:

Course content

We will cover the material listed on the course syllabus. Any changes will be announced in class. Each student is responsible for taking weekly on-line quizzes and completing assigned homework.

Course format

You will meet with your instructor during three one-hour classes each week. Class attendance will be taken and recorded. See the respective webpages for details about weekly on-line quizzes, including 'where to get help'.


There will be 3 common-time exams which are scheduled for:

  1. 7-8pm, 19 February 2014
  2. 7-8pm, 2 April 2014
  3. 7-8pm, 30 April 2014

The final exam will be Monday, 12 May 2014, 11:05am – 1:05pm.

The locations for the exams will be announced on these web pages. Typically, they will NOT be the same as your lecture class.

You must take tests on the specified date. If you have a verified conflict with the time scheduled for an exam, an alternative starting time for the exam on the same evening will be provided. In general, makeup exams will not be given. If a student misses an exam for reasons that are serious, unavoidable, and beyond the student's control, the situation will be handled on an individual basis. If it is to your benefit, your grade on the final exam will replace your lowest test grade.

The final exam is a required class meeting that will not be rescheduled for discretionary reasons, including conflicts with work schedules, conflicts with classes and exams at other colleges, and travel plans.

Honor System

You must abide by the Virginia Tech Honor Code for all graded work. See this webpage for further information about your responsibilites.


If you are not on the official class roll, you are not in the class. It is your responsibility to see that you are properly enrolled in the class section you attend. It is easy to verify. For no foreseeable reason (computer and/or registrar personnel mistakes included) will you be allowed to stay in a section you are not enrolled in. Your work will not be graded. Simply attending a section will not entitle you to be placed on its roll.