Credit by Exam in MASC 1024

Reading Day, Fall and Spring Semesters

Budget cuts have forced us not to be able to offer MASC 1024 any more. All of the students who have typically used this course for Area 5 of the Core Curriculum have been in the humanities and arts departments in the College of Liberal Arts and Human Sciences.

The material in MASC 1024 is fairly simple, but it is enough different from usual high school material that students will probably have to put in significant study time before they can pass a credit-by-exam for MASC 1024. Prof. Bob Rogers has spent considerable time putting the MASC 1024 material on the Web. It is accessible here.

At this site students will find sample exams, a syllabus, and PowerPoint lesson outlines; which should put many students in a good position to test out of MASC 1024.

Caution: University rules prohibit students more than one try at a Credit-By-Exam for each course. If a student fails the single credit-by-exam in MASC 1024, they may never have a chance to get any credit for it except via transfer credit from another institution.

For those students who master Prof. Rogers's Web materials, we are still providing mass credit-by-exams in MASC 1024 on Reading Days of Fall and Spring Semesters. The exam costs $30, and the students will have to sign up with Sandy Blevins in 460 McBryde the week before the exam. She will post available sign up times, and she will provide the time and location of the exam.