Senior Composites 2017-2018

Monday, October 30, 2017

Tuesday, October 31, 2017

For an nineteenth year, the Mathematics seniors are going to have a composite picture of all graduates made. This includes anyone that graduates from December 2017 to December 2018, inclusive, and are not already on last year's composite. The pictures will be taken by Stevens Photography on Monday, October 30, and Tuesday, October 31, in the Mathematics Department Student Lounge, McBryde 334. Times are available from 9:00am to 5:00pm in 10-minute intervals.

There will be no make-up shoots in January! You will be asked to choose three times to have your picture taken.  Based on these requests, the time sheets for October 30 and October 31 will be updated regularly.  Make sure you include your phone number and email in your signup request. We will take your preferences in the order that they are received and try our best to give you your first choice. Please check the signup sheets after you have made your submission of times.

The Mathematics Department is going to pay for your sitting fee. Of course, Mr. Stevens will be happy to sell you a personal package of graduation photos from the ones taken for the composite picture, but that is entirely up to you.  You may also choose to have a set of proofs sent home for your parents to decide.  You may also want to purchase an optional 11 x 14 composite picture of all of your classmates for yourself. The cost is $15 and you pay this fee at the sitting. At graduation ceremonies in past years there has been a big demand by parents for some leftover composites, and we could not always satisfy everyone. Please check with your parents before deciding against the 11 x 14 composite picture. Many of them will be happy to pay for it.

Stevens will supply tuxes (sizes 38-52), shirts (sizes small, medium, large, extra large), bow ties, and drapes. Ladies should wear a tank top for easy transition in to the drape. You are welcome to dress it up with ear rings and a necklace. Any ladies who object to wearing the drape are welcome to wear a plain black sweater. Guys should wear a plain white T shirt and are encouraged to shave and to have a good haircut.

Once again, we urge you to have your picture taken. Since the sitting is free, your only obligation is the ten minutes of your time. You can take it from any old grad that this can mean a lot to a person thirty years after graduation, and it means a lot to parents and friends right now.