The Math Department is offering a survey for students who are unable to add a math course Spring 2019. The survey takes the place of our force-add process and is currently open.

COURSE REQUEST OCCURED October 16-24, 2018. The Math Drop/Add Survey is not a way to add a course if you skipped course request. It is for students who correctly course requested and tried to add an undergraduate level math course and received an error due to There are only a few exceptions for students who did not course request and must be force added to an undergraduate math course. Typical reasons are Add requests will be accepted for students who correctly requested a math course during course request. If you did not course request correctly, or if you received a section and dropped it, a survey request will very likely be denied.

Students who meet the above requirements should complete the Math Spring 2019 Drop/Add Survey. Please do not contact the math department in addition to completing the survey. If we encounter a question or problem, we will send an email directly to the student with instructions.

Students who tried to add an undergraduate math course and received a closed section error should continue to try to add themselves to a section of the course. We will open seats, as sections fill up, periodically until the start of the semester.

Students who do not meet the above requirements will have to watch the timetable and try to add themselves to a section with open seats.